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Procedures for Digital Device Use

October 29, 2021


Sharing of thoughts and perspective, and a conversation with JH-HS Students and Staff regarding access and use of personal digital devices.


Thoughts from Mr. Cruickshank

  • Personal digital device (cell phones, watches, earbuds, and any other device not listed)  access and use, as currently allowed, is a distraction to learning and teaching.  How do we work together to fix this?
  • There is no intent to ban the use of personal digital devices during the day. There is intent to manage the access and use of such devices so they are not a distraction to learning and teaching.

Beginning Monday, November 1

  • Every classroom and study hall location will have a hanging rack for digital devices.  The racks will have individual pouches.
  • All personal digital devices will be placed in the hanging rack pouches immediately upon entering the classroom. 
  • All personal digital devices shall remain in the hanging rack pouches except for the following reasons:          

            1.   Authorized use by the teacher for educational activities.  Once the activity is complete, the device(s) will be returned to the hanging


            2.  Teachers/study hall supervisors may allow students to have their devices a maximum of the last 3 minutes of a class period.  The teacher/study hall supervisor has full authority and discretion to make this decision on a daily basis.


  • When students may have access and use their digital devices.

             1.         Before the 8 a.m. tardy bell.

            2.         During the 4 minute passing period between classes.

            3.         At lunch.


  • Staff will follow the same guidelines for use.  However, staff need to have access to their phones to receive communication from other staff and administration.  That communication may require them to use their phones.

Consequences for unauthorized access and/or use of digital devices


  • The adult who witnesses unauthorized use will take the device from the student.
  • The device will be turned into Mr. Lembke or Mr. Cruickshank when the adult has the opportunity to do so.
  • Mr. Lembke or Mr. Cruickshank will return the device to the student only after a conversation with the student and parent if available by phone.
  • Repeated violations of the procedures will result in further consequences as deemed appropriate by the administration.