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8th Grade Reading


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8th grade reading syllabus.pdf

Course Schedule:


Bell Ringers:

As soon as students arrive to class they are to complete the bell ringer for that day. Bell Ringers will be collected and graded the last day of each month, with the exception of December, when they will be collected and graded on the 20th, the last day school is in session before Christmas break. Students are responsible for completing each bell ringer on the bell ringer google document and submitting it through Canvas before the monthly deadline. 

Weekly Journals:

Students will be responsible for writing a journal entry each week about either the class readings or their independent readings. Journals for each week will be available on Mondays by 4 pm  (whether school is in session that day or not) and they will be due on Fridays by midnight (whether school is in session that day or not). Students will be responsible for keeping their google journal document updated and submitting it to Canvas before the weekly deadline.

Book Choice Projects:

Throughout the year, students will be required to read several books of their choosing. Each month, students will be required to present on one of their books of choice to the rest of the class with a creative book report. Students are able to choose the format of this presentation from a list of accepted projects on Canvas. Presentation dates will be assigned at least a week in advance so that students have time to prepare.

Independent Reading Days:

Tuesdays and Thursdays are independent reading days. During independent reading class periods, students may read a novel of choice or unfinished assigned readings. During this time, computers may not be used (with the exception of that day's bell ringer) and homework for other classes may not be completed. I want students to focus on making reading a habit during this time.  Individual conferencing between myself and students will take place during this time. Students have the opportunity to earn 10 participation points for these reading days. In order to earn full points, students must come to class prepared (with a book to read) and must be on task during reading time.